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Spreadsheet sync to Contacts

All your contacts are in Google. You can easily mail them, create appointments, share documents and call them on the phone. Your contact information is likely not 100% accurate and up-to-date. To fix this, use the add-on Contact Optimzer.

Sync all your contacts to a Google Spreadsheet™. After the sync we will propose adjustments to make your data consistent (e.g. format phone number). Next steps is to complete the information on your contacts. E.g. with Social profiles (like linkedin, Facebook, Twitter), company info (website, address), and many more.

After sync back to Google Contacts™ you can enjoy the enrich contact profiles on the web and mobile for all Google Workspace™ apps.

Application Data Disclosure

Learn how we handle your data via our privacy statement of 123 Contact optimizer.

get more out of your contacts

How it works

The three main steps to enrich your Google Contacts:

  1. Get your contacts into the Google Spreadsheet

  2. Evaluate suggestions to make your data more consistent and easily enrich the information on your contacts. E.g. add Social profiles (E.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), company info (website, address), or other information.

  3. Save the updated data back to your Google Contacts

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