document mail merge

Merge spreadsheet data with a document template

Merge spreadsheet data with a document template

This Google Spreadsheet add-on 123 Document mail merge will merge the spreadsheet data with the Google Docs template you specify. For the document mail merge you have several options. The target of the merge can either be in one document or you can have a document created for each each data row. The file can be either in the format of Google Docs, or within the PDF (.pdf) file format. The file will be created in the same folder as the template file, or within the folder you specify in the "Folder_ID" column of the spreadsheet. You can also determine the File name, you specify the required name within the column "Filename".

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How it works

Steps in the configuration:

  1. On the Sheet, create the relevant columns and data

  2. In the spreadsheet sidebar, select the document template

  3. Select the relevant mail merge options and merge the data and the document together

View the result in Google Drive™ folder you specified or use the link to the document in the Status column of the spreadsheet.

Application privacy disclosure

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