Toolkit for Google Groups

List Google Groups, Settings and members

Manage your Google Groups

The Google Spreadsheet add-on captures the Google Groups in your domain and list the Group settings and the Group members. The add-on is only intended for Google Admins who are allowed to manage the Google Groups in the domain, while the spreadsheet can be shared to anyone (e.g. servicedesk). The Spreadsheet can be used to easily:

  • identify inconsistent naming convention

  • identify Google Groups without any members, without an owner/manager.

  • identify Group settings that make no sense. E.g.

    • collaborative inbox without archive

    • mail distribution list without the ability to receive mail

Easily manage the quality of your Groups

How it works

The Google Spreadsheet add on '123 Toolkit for Google Groups' facilitates the listing in 3 steps:

    1. Get a list of all your Google Groups in the domain (or just a few groups)

    2. Get the Settings and / or Members of the Google Groups in the list (that you created in step 1)

    3. Optionally you can schedule this task on a daily or weekly basis.

On installation of the add-on you will get the relevant sheets (Groups, Group settings, Group members) automatically. In a new sheet you can create those mandatory sheets via the tools menu button.

Application Data Disclosure

Learn how we handle your data via our privacy statement of 123 Toolkit for Google Groups.

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