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Email signature in Gmail via Google Forms

The Google Form™ add-on 123 Email signature can be used by organizations to provide an easy way to employees who need to set a corporate email signature. By using a Google Form, the Form owner can define the right formatting, add any images, etcetera. Employees who populate the Form have a structured way to add their personal information, like mobile phone number and office address, which will be merged into the corporate layout. On submit of the Google Form the user's Gmail™ settings are adjusted to set the email signature based on the corporate standard.

The Google Form replaces the requirement to set the email signature via Gmail settings (as described in the Google learning center). The Google Form can easily be incorporated in your intranet or send by email to new employees as part of the onboarding.

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How it works

After creating a new Google Form and adding the add-on 123 Email signature you take the following steps:

  1. Add the fields on the Google Form that users need to populate with personal information for their email signature. E.g. mobile number.

  2. In the Google Form add-on menu, click “Email signature” and choose “Configure”. Adjust the HTML in the “Adjust HTML” field.

  3. When the HTML is adjusted to meet your corporate identity you have to click the button “Activate” to save the email signature layout and to activate the add-on.

After the email signature template is activated use the “Preview” button in the Google Form to view the Form. After you click “Submit” in the Form the signature is set in your personal Gmail. Questions? See our user manual with screenshot and some tips.

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