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sync your calendar with a spreadsheet

Create an overview of your daily time spent

This Google Calendar add-on '123 Time registration' will sync your Google Calendar data towards your Google Spreadsheet. Within the spreadsheet you can easily analyse your spend hours and categorize your hours. By doing so you can easily:

  • Track your personal productivity.

  • Breakdown your hours across different activities.

  • Create insights about your time spent.

  • Prepare timesheets for your clients with clear descriptions of the tasks.

  • Capture per project the time assigned to certain tasks.

keep track of your time

How it works

From the Google Calendar sidebar, click first on the 3-dot navigation menu to create a Google Spreadsheet to keep track of your hours.

  1. Select which secondary calendar you want to sync. No Calendar visible? First create a secundar calendar.

  2. Provide the sync options. You can decide to overwrite the calendar event title and/or description.

  3. Start the calendar sync from the start date towards today.

View the result in the Google Spreadsheet you created by clicking the Spreadsheet button as shown in the screenshot.

Application privacy disclosure

Learn how we handle your data via our privacy statement of 123 Time registration.

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